DragonflAI is a cross-platform solution for integrating content moderation into your app. It moderates content offline on user devices before it can be uploaded.

DragonflAI is a commercial product and requires licensing details for package access and initialization. See our Portal to find your license details and downloads.

For any assistance accessing resources please contact

DragonflAI SDK for iOS

v1.5 for iOS 12+

This version brings the option of providing a unique User ID for licensing purposes. Also you can opt into sending simple moderation metrics to DragonflAI, helping development of our algorithms.

Legacy Versions for iOS

Previous versions of the DragonflAI SDK for iOS.

v1.4.1 for iOS 12+

This version brings modern xcframework builds, and support for the native M1 Simulator. Note this requires a Cocoapods config change.

v1.4.1 for iOS 12+

This version brings our latest algorithm.

v1.3.0 for iOS 12+

DragonflAI SDK for Android

v1.3.3 for Android 4.4+ & API level 19+

DragonflAI SDK for web

Coming soon